Section 1.  The Board of Delegates [hereinafter the “Board”] shall consist of the Executive Officers and Delegates.  The Executive Officers shall consist of the President, 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents, Secretary Treasurer and Recording Secretary.

Section 2.  The Delegates shall be elected in each Court or Agency representing the following employee units: Court Officer, Court Clerk, Court Reporter/Legal series and Court Clerical series.  The Court Officer series represents all uniformed titles holding Peace Officer status.  The Court Clerk series represents all Court Clerk titles.  The Court Reporter/Legal series represents all Reporters and Attorneys.  The Court Clerical series represents all other titles not represented by any of the groups outlined previously.  Any conflict as to what title should be represented by any of the groups outlined above will be resolved by a vote of the Board.  There shall be one Delegate in each Court or Agency for each 25 Members in their respective series.  For those Courts or Agencies with fewer than 25 Members in any one series and more than 25 but less than 50 Members in such Court or Agency, there shall be one Delegate elected from among all titles.  For those Courts or Agencies with more than 10, but less than 25 Members in all titles they shall be merged and combined be eligible for one Delegate, except that the clerical employees of the Supreme Court employed in the East End shall be merged with the employees of the Commissioner of Jurors and together shall be eligible for one.  Should a title or series not elect or have a Delegate, they shall be represented by the Delegate in the series whose grade is closest to their own.

Section 3.  A Member seeking the position of SCCEA Delegate must be nominated at the appropriate General Membership meeting by a member of his/her respective unit.  No “seconding” nomination is necessary.  Subsequent to nomination, Delegates shall be elected by a plurality ballot of the membership of their respective units unless such nominee is unopposed.  Such election will be held according to the same rules governing SCCEA Executive Officer elections.  All nominees must be Members in good standing for the preceding 12 months.  If there are an insufficient number of nominees running for the position of Delegate, and with the consent of a majority of the Executive Officers, the 12 month requirement may be waived and/or the President may appoint an interested member of the relevant unit.  Any dispute as to which “unit” a particular nominee belongs to will be resolved by a majority vote of the Executive Officers after review of any administrative records obtained from the Office of Court Administration.

Section 4.  The term of office for Delegate shall be for a period of 3 years.  Delegates shall be paid a stipend as well as mileage and reimbursement for expenses authorized by the Board.  No person may be a Delegate and Executive Officer at the same timeexcept to the extent that all Executive Officers are members of the Board of Delegates pursuant to Section 1 of this Article.

Section 5.  Delegate vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term by appointment by the President, with the consent of a majority of the Executive Officers.

Section 6.  The responsibilities of a Delegate include attending all meetings of the Board of Delegates and Membership meetings.  Delegates shall be excused from meetings for the following reasons:  (1) the Delegate is working verifiable overtime; (2) the Delegate cannot be excused from his shift; (3) the Delegate is ill; (4) the Delegate is unable to attend due to a death in the immediate family; and (5) the Delegate is on approved annual leave.  A Delegate who has more than one unexcused absence in the State fiscal year shall be docked one quarter of his or her annual stipend.