Section 1.  Any Officer may be removed from office for willful failure to properly perform the duties of their office and any Officer or Member may be expelled from the Association for any acts of a willful nature detrimental to the best interests of the Association.  Any such removal or expulsion proceeding shall be brought by the Board of Delegates on at least 15 days written notice, containing the specific charges against such Officer or Member, mailed to the Officer’s or Member’s last known address.

Section 2.  Before any Officer can be removed from office or any Officer or Member expelled from the Association, in accordance with this article, written charges must be filed against the Officer or Member with the Secretary Treasurer for submission to the Board of Delegates, unless the Secretary Treasurer is the subject of such proposed removal or expulsion, in which case the charges will be filed with the 2nd Vice President.  If the entire Executive Board is being charged, written charges would then, instead, be filed with any Delegate.  Such charges must be signed by twenty percent of the Members of the Association in good standing and countersigned by 7 members of the Board of Delegates of this Association.  The Officer or Member against whom the charges have been filed may appear and shall be given the opportunity to answer the charges and may be questioned at length by any member of the Board of Delegates.  A two-thirds majority vote of the entire Board of Delegates shall be required for removal or expulsion.  Such removal or expulsion shall be for duration to be determined by the Board of Delegates but in no event shall it exceed three years.