The President shall call an information meeting to explain the proposed contract agreed upon between the State and the Negotiating Committee.  Within ten days of said meeting a ballot shall be mailed to Members in good standing and/or an electronic password or hyperlink to a secure electronic voting website will be sent, by e-mail, to each Member’s e-mail address on record with the Association.  If paper ballots are used, they are returnable before Noon on the 15th day from the date of mailing.  If electronic voting is used, all votes must be cast electronically before Noon on the 15th day after the electronic password and/or hyperlink to the voting software is provided to the Members.  Ratification of a contract shall be by a simple majority of votes cast by Members who are in good standing at the time the ballots are mailed or electronic voting is commenced.  Three Members selected by the Membership at the Informational Meeting will count the returned paper ballots (if any) and access the final tally of all votes cast electronically.  In the event of a tie, the contract will be deemed rejected.  A rejected contract shall not be re-presented to the Membership for re-vote sooner than 90 days from the date of the rejecting vote, unless a new Memorandum of Agreement is signed by the Negotiating Committee with the Office of Court Administration within that time.  No Informational meeting will be necessary if no changes are made to a rejected contract offer.  In the event that the results of a particular vote are later found to contain votes cast by ineligible voters, the result will stand as it was certified in writing by the Election Committee on the day of their count, barring evidence of fraud.  Every effort shall be made by the Executive Board to ensure that the list maintained by the Association of Members in good standing and eligible to vote, is accurate and updated.