Any person making agency shop payments to the Association in lieu of dues, as mandated by law, shall have the right to object to the expenditure of their portion of any part of agency shop fee deduction which represents the employee’s pro-rata share of expenditures by the Association in aid of activities or causes of a political or ideological nature only incidentally related to terms and conditions of employment.

Such objections shall be made, if at all, by the objector individually notifying the Association President and Secretary Treasurer of their objection during the period between September 1st and 15th of each year.

The approximate proportion of service fees spent by the Association for such purpose shall be determined annually.  Rebate of a pro-rated portion of their service fees corresponding to such proportion shall thereafter be made to each individual who has timely filed a notice of objection, as provided above.


If an objector is dissatisfied with the proportional allocation that has been determined on the ground that it assertedly does not accurately reflect the expenditures of the Association in the defined area, an appeal may be taken by such person to the Association Executive Board within 30 days following its receipt.  If the objector remains dissatisfied, the objector may file an appeal therefrom with the Association’s governing body by lodging the appeal with the President of the Association within 30 days following receipt of the Executive Board decision which appeal shall be heard at the next regular meeting of the Board of Delegates.  The Board of Delegates shall render a decision within 30 days after hearing the appeal.  If the objector is dissatisfied with the Board of Delegates action, the objection will be submitted for hearing and resolution to an arbitrator selected in accordance with the procedures of the American Arbitration Association.  The costs for any such appeal to a neutral party shall be borne jointly between the Association and the objector if the Association’s position is upheld and totally by the Association if the objector’s position is upheld.

The Association, at its option, may consolidate all objections and have them resolved at one hearing held for that purpose.  Should the Association choose to consolidate, all costs shall be borne by the Association, and the objectors shall jointly participate in the selection of the arbitrator.