NYS Assembly: assembly.state.ny.us
NYS Attorney General: oag.state.ny.us
NYS Civil Service: cs.state.ny.us
NYS Comptroller: osc.state.ny.us

Association Members are Encouraged to Search their Names, and the Names of their Family & Friends for Possible Unclaimed Funds Held by New York State Here: ouf.osc.state.ny.us/ouf/

NYS Comptroller/ Retirement: osc.state.ny.us/retire
NYS Courts: courts.state.ny.us
NYS Deferred Compensation Plan: nysdcp.com
NYS Government Information: nysl.nysed.gov/ils
NYS Governors Employee Relations: goer.ny.gov
NYS Home page: ny.gov
NYS PERB: perb.state.ny.us
NYS Senate: nysenate.gov/
S.I.D.S. Dental: asonet.com
United Health Care: myuhc.com
FutureClerk Prep Class: FutureClerk.com

Long Island Aquarium- Discounted tickets available at the Union Office for $17.50 (Cash Only)

HERTZ and ENTERPRISE Car Rental are available to all SCCEA Members. Call the Union Office for additional information.