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I have been notified by the Office of Court Administration that the Senior Court Clerk and Court Clerk promotional lists, which were established in October of 2016,  will be expiring within the next year. Accordingly, the examinations for Senior Court Clerk and Court Clerk, will be held in March 2018 and the promotional list from those exams will be established as soon as practicable.

A substantial number of promotional positions in the Senior Court Clerk title are being released in September and it is expected that the list for Senior Court Clerk will be exhausted in a number of courts.  It is important that anyone on the Senior Court Clerk list be aware that when the canvass is released in September, it may be their last opportunity for appointment from the current list.  Once the new list is established for Senior Court Clerk in 2018, the current list cannot be used to fill positions.

Anyone who is not offered or does not accept a promotion from the current list should plan to  take the exam again in March 2018.   

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