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It's been 6 1/2 years and today we have received a decision on the Federal Healthcare Lawsuit that was commenced on February 22, 2012.  United States District Court Judge D"Agostino issued a decision finding against the Unions. Judge D'Agostino concluded that as a matter of law, the state was permitted to take the actions they did with regard to raising the employee's and retiree's health insurance premium contribution rates.  

Attached for your information as "9-24-2018 SJ Decision" is the Court's decision in our case (12 pages).  It references the CSEA case as the "Lead Case" for all of the related cases and incorporates the decision in that case by reference, and filed that decision (also issued today) as a supplement to our case.  I have attached that "Lead Case" decision as well, referenced as "9-24-2018 SJ Decision Supp" (53 pages).  Also attached is the two-page judgment ("9-24-2018 Judgment") which formally grants the State's motion and directs the Clerk to close the case.

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