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A message from President Bill Dobbins
Nassau President, Billy Imandt and I have been working with The DAJ's Office, Beaver Street, and Albany since well before opening (as early as yesterday I spoke to Judge Hinrichs expressing our concerns and potential problems) to get OCA NOT to open the courts this morning. When that didn't work, we applied extreme pressure to get them to close early. As a result, they have decided to close the courts at 11:00 am this morning. Although I am grateful that the decision has been made to close early, it is too little too late as far as I am concerned. It's unfortunate that arraignments in District Court is remaining open. We are now asking for excused 7 hours leave for all members AND extra comp time for those that did come in. We'll let you know if we are successful. This discussion is not over yet. Charlie Markert, Joey Gagnon, and I will be meeting with Warren Clark and Judge Hinrichs tomorrow to discuss this debacle face to face.

If you went to work please get home safely and know that you are in our prayers.

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