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Labor Day weekend is here, marking the traditional end of summer. It's somewhat melancholy as the days get shorter and the kids get ready for the first day back at school.

Many of us will be hosting or attending barbecues this final big weekend of the summer that will conclude on Labor Day.

Labor Day is a national holiday in which we honor the men and women of organized labor who helped to build this country. Many gave their blood, sweat, and tears to fight for the rights of workers throughout this great land. It was their hard work and persistence that led to the labor movement and the creation of unions. It took courage and strength to stand up against the elite to fight for fair wages, collective bargaining rights, and safe working conditions. Labor Day is a day in which we remember the sacrifices that these brave men and women have made.

Some of us take it for granted but the labor movement is still fighting against the elite who want to destroy labor today. More than half of the states in our country are anti-union, right to work states and we are beginning to see labor show up in numbers to fight back in some of those states. In NYS it was labor who stood up to the Koch brothers and the elite to fight against the Constitutional Convention. In NYS it was organized labor that worked together to successfully amend the Taylor Law in anticipation of the Janus decision so that public sector labor unions would not have to provide services to people who opted out of paying union dues. The Labor movement in this country is alive and well and it will continue to fight the fight.

I ask everyone to take a few moments this weekend to reflect on the sacrifices made by those in labor who came before us as well as those involved in the fight that remains ahead. The men and women of the Suffolk County Court Employees Association are soldiers in this fight. All of us are in the trenches doing all the hard work everyday. You should all be proud of the work you do, even if management does not seem grateful for the work that you do. We remain Union Strong. We remain Union Forever. We Are The Heartbeat Of The Courts.


I hope that everyone has a safe and fun filled Labor Day.

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