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A message from President Bill Dobbins
Monday, Sept. 4th, is Labor Day.  For some, it's just another three day weekend.  For others, it marks the end of summer vacation and, for our young people, the beginning of a new school year. We must not forget however that it is a day in which we celebrate the men and women of Labor whose blood, sweat and tears built this country to make it the great country it is today.  It is also a day in which we remember the great role that labor unions play in our country.  Labor unions were formed to protect and defend the rights of the people in the workforce and to insure safe working conditions for all. They were formed so that management could not usurp its authority over the worker.  

This Labor Day, in particular, the labor unions in New York State face the looming threat of a Constitutional Convention.  If this referendum passes in November, we will be looking at the very real possibility of losing collective bargaining rights as well as our right to a pension. We must do everything we can to prevent this from happening. We must educate ourselves and educate all of our friends and neighbors. We must be united in this fight and we must stand strong. We must vote no for a Constitutional Convention.

So as we enter this holiday weekend, let us remind ourselves that this is not just another three day weekend. It is a weekend to celebrate the labor movement.  As men and women of the Suffolk County Court Employees Association, we should be proud to be unionized.  Most of all we should be proud of the work we do.  Without each and every one of us, the courts could not open and justice could not be dispensed.  We are the heartbeat of the courts.

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