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HYPOCRISY!!! "Do as I say and not as I do". The Office of Court Administration doesn't verbalize it that way but their actions speak louder than words. That couldn't be clearer than by what is happening in Suffolk County these days. We have supervisors babysitting our members who are overtime eligible and have to swipe a time clock at the beginning and end of their shift. Supervisors look out windows, and even stand outside of the building smoking a cigarette, to make sure that overtime eligible employees don't leave before their shift ends. This begs the question: Who is watching the administrative staff, the judge's hand chosen personal staff, or even the judges themselves?  There is a clear double standard and it is nauseating.

HYPOCRISY!!! OCA has been microscopically auditing Kronos throughout the state over the last year. All this as a result of the time and leave abuse by one of the upper echelon of the Office of Court Administration, David Bookstaver.  He stayed home for over a year while collecting his salary and without charging any of his accruals   He also did not have to swipe a time clock. He was on the "honor system". He was a "trusted" public servant who would obviously be truthful about the hours he was actually at work (read with sarcasm).  OCA could not have been more wrong.  This abuse happened under the nose, but evidently not the watchful eye, of Judge Marks, Barry Clark, and Ron Younkins and nobody called Bookstaver out for his abuse.  If not for his own stupidity, and arrogance, he would not have been caught at all. He would probably still be getting paid for his no show job. You can take it to the bank that if David Bookstaver had to swipe a time clock every day, he would not have been able to do what he did.

HYPOCRISY!!! You can bet there are other "David Bookstavers" in our system that continue to go unchecked. You can bet there are other "David Bookstavers" in Suffolk County that continue to go unchecked. There continues to be systemic time and leave abuse by higher level employees in the court system who have never been held responsible for the hours they put in. It is coming from those who are on the so called "honor system", those who don't have to swipe a clock. In Suffolk County, the judges' hand chosen staff come and go as they please, show up when they want and leave when they want, and are not held accountable to charge their accruals for arriving late and leaving early. I guess Warren Clark's edict that employees cannot make their own hours doesn't apply to them. How about some of the judges?   How many of them are actually at work for a full day? How many are at work by 9:00? How many of them work all morning and then are gone in the afternoon?  How many of them work half a morning and are gone in the afternoon. It happens all the time and nobody says a word about it. Nobody is babysitting them, nobody is walking around to see if they are still in the building. Nobody holds them accountable. Why aren't the supervising judges saying anything? Why isn't Judge Hinrichs saying anything? There is absolutely no oversight. Yet the message to our members is "do as I say and not as I do".

HYPOCRISY!!! We just had 2 members receive severe disciplinary repercussions as a result of time card abuse.  It is not a question of whether or not these members should have been held accountable. The question is that if some employees are held accountable for time card abuse then shouldn't all employees be held accountable? If a judge's Law Clerk does not put in a full day, shouldn't he or she be held accountable in some shape or form? If a judge is not putting in a full day, shouldn't he or she be held accountable in some shape or form? Why the double standard?

HYPOCRISY!!! One of our judges arrogantly boasts about having the greatest part time job in the world. Imagine that, making over $200,000 a year and working part time. It's laughable and it's criminal. Yet this individual never puts in a full day and gets away with it. Another judge, who has already had her share of problems over the last year, finishes her calendar in the morning and leaves in the afternoon. She spends summer afternoons with her family while the working schleps who swipe a time clock are having their alternate work schedules changed. We can go on and on with story after story and the "powerful" elite, the very people who should be held to a higher standard, continue to go unwatched and unscathed. They continue to come in late and they continue to go home early while the men and women of our Association keep getting knocked to the ground. We are tired and we are not going to sit still about it any longer.

NEWS FLASH!!! The men and women of the Suffolk County Court Employees Association are the heartbeat of the courts and the courts cannot run without us. I ask every member to stop volunteering for anything court sponsored. We should not freely cooperate with an Administration that clearly holds the men and women of our Association to a different standard than the judges and their personal staff. If we are ordered to do something, we will do what we are ordered to do, but we should not volunteer ourselves. We need to send a message. Our members are working harder than ever before and are rewarded with the loss of their alternate work schedules. That in and of itself speaks volumes. Why are we volunteering? Our members get brought up on disciplinary charges while judges and their personal staff commit the same infractions and are not held accountable. That in and of itself speaks volumes. Why are we volunteering? We should not stress ourselves out because work is not getting done. We should hold our heads up high, give 100% of ourselves within the 7 hours we are required to work, and not worry about the work that hasn't been done. The administration's actions speak volumes about how they feel about us, therefore our actions should speak volumes about how we feel about this double standard. Let us speak volumes together. Let us be union strong.

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