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On Thursday, June 22, the Suffolk County Courts will have eleven more Court Officers protecting our courts.  Five of these eleven officers will be graduating from the N.Y.S Court Officers Academy on June 20 and we offer our congratulations to each of them.  The other six Court Officers will be reassigned to Suffolk County from other jurisdictions.  The Suffolk County Court Employees Association would like to welcome these men and women with open arms and we wish them all the best in their Suffolk County careers.  Our courts in Suffolk County are still feeling the affects of the staffing cuts that occurred in 2011.  We represent 102 different job title, all of which were affected by the workforce reduction, but our Court Officer staffing levels have been horrific. Adding these eleven people to our uniform ranks will help us a great deal but it is still not enough. It barely scratches the surface of what our needs are.  Our Court Officers work extremely hard under very stressful circumstances and do not get enough credit for what they do.  They are overworked as a result of staffing shortages, many times not knowing where they are going to be reassigned at any given moment. Many of our court officers get reassigned several times a day. The bottom line is that we need more court officers. Please be assured that we will continue to push for the hiring of more Court Officers but until that time, we urge all Court Court Officers to be ever vigilant.  Do your jobs the way you were trained. Do not cut corners to perform tasks faster. Haste makes waste and it could make the difference between life and death. 

We have been told that OCA is planning to put another Court Officer class into the academy in September.  That class will graduate in December and hopefully we will have the pleasure of welcoming even more than eleven Court Officers into the Suffolk County Courts. For now,  please join me in welcoming:


Court Officer Trainees: Christopher Babb

                                     Glenn Bland

                                     James Lu

                                     Andrew Meyer

                                     Margaret Podolski


N.Y.S. Court Officers: Anthony Arroyo

                                   Bianca Juarbe

                                   Matt Raber

                                   Michael Shutowich

                                   Thomas Sullivan

                                   Robert Wolff 

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