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Message from President Bill Dobbins

A week ago Suffolk County was hit with a dangerous blizzard that pummeled the entire county with strong winds, heavy snow, and unusually cold temperatures. Suffolk got hit the worst of any region in New York State. Despite the fact that there were advance blizzard warnings and schools announced closings the night before the storm hit, the Office of Court Administration decided to open the courts anyway. It is beyond comprehension that anybody could make such an egregious decision. I told you last week that I would be working hard to convince OCA to excuse the absence of anyone who followed the advice of elected officials to stay off the roads. I have also worked hard advocating for those who battled the elements, put themselves at risk, and came to work under horrible conditions. They deserve to be compensated with some extra time. With the help of Charlie Markert and Joey Gagnon, I have not stopped fighting for all of you on this issue. Despite the email that was sent out by the DAJ's office delineating how Kronos time cards were going to reflect attendance on the day of the blizzard, this issue is still not over. Nothing has been resolved and nothing precludes OCA from adjusting Kronos once we have settled this satisfactorily. I give you my word that I am continuing to argue vigorously for all of our members and I will not stop until this matter is resolved in our favor. OCA and I are still discussing this matter and I am fully confident that when all is said and done we will prevail in making this right for all of our members. When that time comes, all accruals will be adjusted accordingly.

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