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Dear Members,

Over the course of the last week (February 1st through February 4th, 2016), four members of SCCEA’s Executive Board traveled to Albany to advocate for your interests.  We met with our lobbyist, Bob Ungar, who set up meetings for us with approximately 10 different NY State Senators and Assemblymen.  At each of those meetings, we carefully explained our needs for increased staffing and additional Judiciary Budget funds.  Then, we attended the Public Employees’ Conference.

Later, the Executive Board learned that our President, Bill Dobbins, would be given the opportunity to testify before the Joint Budget Committee on Public Safety on Thursday, February 4th, 2016.

President Dobbins was instructed to prepare a written statement, which would then be submitted to this Legislative committee as testimony.  Then, President Dobbins would also be given an opportunity to summarize some of his written testimony and respond, on the record, to other testimony given that day.

The text of President Dobbins’ official statement can be read here:  Written Testimony

Video of the Hearings can be found at the link below.  We encourage all Members to view the beginning of this video, which features Chief Administrative Judge Marks’ testimony- including many pointed questions directed toward him by legislators.  It’s obvious that many legislators have the same concerns as we do regarding the operation of the courts in Suffolk County.  We must extend our sincere thanks to Senator Thomas D. Croci, Assemblyman Al Graf, Senator Diane J. Savino, Assemblyman Michael Montesano, Senator Martin J. Golden, Assemblyman Peter J. Abbate, Jr., Senator John J. Bonacic, Senator Michael F. Nozzolio, Assemblyman Daniel J. O’Donnell, Senator Daniel L. Squadron, Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson, and Senator Catharine Young- each of whom gave great attention to the needs of our courts.

Judge Marks’ testimony ends at the 1 hour and 42 minute mark.  Then, you can Fast Forward to President Dobbins’ testimony at 10:57:51 on the counter.  Thank you.  It was truly our pleasure to represent you.

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