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A Message from Bill Dobbins, President

Last week, on June 27, 2018, the United States Supreme Court rendered a decision in Janus vs. AFSCME that was a devastating blow to organized labor throughout the country. The decision as it came down was not something that was totally unexpected but was none the less a punch in the stomach to organized labor as a whole.  As bad as this decision was, I believe that it is going to wake up a sleeping Giant and will serve as a catalyst to make unions even stronger. In NYS when big business pushed for a Constitutional Convention, New York labor joined together and mobilized to defeat this threat to, among other things, collective bargaining rights and to our pension system.  I think the Right to Work movement, that has infected our nation, will be stunned by what unions across our nation are capable of doing when they all band together. 

The Right to Work movement in this country, supported financially by billionaires like the Koch brothers, purports to have the workers best interest at heart. Quite the opposite is true. They use smoke and mirrors to explain their causes.  They have no interest in a unionized workforce because they don't care about things like fair wages and health and welfare benefits. They don't care about a safe working environment for their employees as long as a job can get done quicker and cheaper. They don't care about having a process in place that ensures that a worker is entitled to some due process before they can be terminated. They don't care about the worker at all.  They only care about destroying unions and padding their own wallets. 

Unions care. Unions work hard to make sure that members earn a fair wage.  Unions work hard to protect members' rights by providing attorneys for the filing of grievances and to defend members facing termination as a result of disciplinary charges. Unions work hard to make sure that members have safe work environments to work in. Unions work hard for the member.

I ask all of the members of the Suffolk County Court Employees Association to remain UNION STRONG.  I ask all of you to stand with me in saying; "I'M STICKING WITH MY UNION".

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