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WE WON! Yesterday we received the decision on the Article 78 we filed on behalf of our Court Reporters (JG 24) who were on the Senior Court Reporter Promotional list that was certified on March 22, 2016. We are elated.

This is a decision that has statewide ramifications. DC37 didn't file a grievance, although their members wanted their President to file a grievance. They represent many more Court Reporters than we do but they left it up to us to fight the fight. We were the only union statewide to file a grievance, other then COBANC, because we care about all of our members, regardless of the title they hold.  Something very unjust had been done to our Court Reporters and this decision makes it right. The decision makes it right for every entry level Court Reporter statewide who was negatively affected by OCA's arbitrary and capricious behavior in establishing the promotional list In March 2016.  We should all be very proud of what we accomplished.  This is a big deal. We should also be very grateful to our attorneys Matt Hromadka and Marty Glennon for making all the right arguments on our behalf. 

We had asked OCA to do the right thing before we filed the initial grievance. They wouldn't do it, although they looked like the cat that swallowed the canary when we spoke to them face to face in early April 2016. They told us to file a grievance, which they knew we would lose because they were the ones who heard the grievance. Then they told us to file an Article 78 because I don't believe that they thought that we would spend the money to follow through on it. Who could blame them?  If a big unions like DC37, who has a big wallet, didn't want to spend the money to fight for their entry level Court Reporters, why would a small union like SCCEA want to spend the money? OCA was wrong and they are wrong a lot. There was a clear injustice done and we were determined to force OCA to make it right. Although OCA can still appeal this decision, let's hope they don't. Hopefully Judge Baisley's decision said enough to convince them to make this right. The decision will be posted on our website so everyone can read it.

Fighting injustice is what belonging to a union and paying your dues is all about. We don't always win but many times we do. Without a union however, the employee always loses. At any given time, each and every single one of us could be the victim of an injustice at the hands of our employer. You never know when it will be you that needs the union to fight for you. That's why it is important to remain union strong and to stand together as one.  Your union will continue to fight for every single member of this Association each and every day.  That is our job and that is what we will do. I give you my word.

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